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Annual design contest reveals 2024 trends

"Design Contest 2024"
“Design Contest 2024”

For over four decades, the annual design contest has continuously evaluated and nurtured emerging design trends. It acquired an international status in 2020, persistently accentuating innovation and quality.

In 2024, the prominent design trends include technological enhancements, creative typographic applications, and a robust concentration on user-centric designs. These trends have spanned across print and digital media, with sustainability and accessibility gaining surprising importance. Designers are increasingly adopting eco-friendly designs, while accessibility now includes designs tailored for people with disabilities.

The minimalistic design trend continues to prosper as simplicity and functionality eclipse extravagance and complexity. The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) provides an immersive and interactive experience for users, mirroring another considerable trend.

Reflecting the dynamic nature of design, new contest categories have been introduced, including Brand Identities, Brand Campaigns, and Packaging Design.

A unique category, Brand Collaborations, allows for the innovative evaluation of cooperative projects between brands and organizations and accentuates the amalgamation of creativity and social responsibility.

Evident in the competition entries are aesthetic approaches like several font weights blending and the comeback of minimalist vintage designs. Participants in Web and App Design showcased interfaces with clean lines and intuitive navigation. Also, they applied a significant emphasis on incorporating diverse and inclusive elements, highlighting a shift towards conscious thinking and representation.

Original tactics have increased, especially in the Type Design category, with the integration of AI and machine learning. Unconventional methods are gaining popularity, emphasizing the importance of technology in making designs interactive and dynamic. The use of biomimicry and nature-inspired strategies in Bio Design testifies to a bridge between human-made design and natural patterns.

Award winners of this year’s contest include those taking the Monadnock Award and the Citizen Design Award. The focus in the future will be to provide a comprehensive description of each project, showcasing the full depth of the winners’ creativity and innovation.

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