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Animated adaptation of popular manga series nears unveiling

"Animated Manga Adaptation"
“Animated Manga Adaptation”

An animated TV adaptation of a best-selling manga series, featuring protagonist Haruaki Abe, is set to release its first details including lead cast, creators, and release date this October. Haruaki Abe, the series’ fledgling educator, looks set to leap off the pages and into animation, setting pulses racing among the manga’s dedicated fanbase. An exciting array of content is on the way, including a first look at the animation, and information regarding the cast and creators.

The adaptation is being helmed by an acclaimed director and scripted by an award-winning playwright, with character designs entrusted to a certain Natsuki. With each character’s design and the overall animation under the watchful eye of Natsuki, fans can expect a visually delightful experience.

The creative team includes specialists in various fields – from sub-character and Yokai design to Prop and Art Direction and more. Their collective ambition is to create an unparalleled visual adventure. The talented sub-character design artists will ensure minor characters stand out, while the Yokai design team is tasked with bringing folklore creatures to vivid life.

Details of manga series’ animated adaptation revealed

The Art Direction team will work to maintain visual harmony across the production, with the Color Composition team responsible for selecting an engaging color palette. Meanwhile, the Compositing Photography team will amalgamate visuals from different sources to generate a flawless final image. The CG Direction team is managing the creation and quality control of computer-generated images and animations.

Not to forget the audio aspect, the Audio Direction team will ensure dialogues, sound effects, and music tracks perfectly complement the on-screen action. Music partner, Manga Up! will be providing the production’s stirring soundtracks.

In the series, Haruaki Abe is depicted as an inexperienced, timid teacher entrusted with teaching a school full of monsters. This provides for a perplexing mix of events ranging from light-hearted pranks to serious scares, making for an engaging and captivating narrative. Haruaki’s continuous efforts to understand his monstrous students and evolve as a teacher add to the anime’s overall allure.

The manga series made its debut in a popular periodical in 2014 and continues to run. The 16th volume was launched by Square Enix on December 27th, with the 15th volume set for a September 17th release.

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