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Android Season Approaches

For the past several years Google has made a habit of releasing new Android products and software between October and early December. Ten days into October, then, it’s time to start anticipating new releases from the digital giant. Specifically, consumers can expect new tablets, a new installment in the Nexus phone lineup, and the release of Android 5.0, otherwise known as Andorid L. Of the new products, marketers may want to pay special attention to Android L and the rumored Nexus 6 smartphone.

Unveiled at Google I/O earlier this year, Android L will introduce Material Design, Google’s first system-level redesign since Android 4.0’s Holo Theme. Mobile marketers may wish to revisit any apps or app-based advertising in preparation of the new design structure and user experience. Android L is rumored to arrive sometime during the week of October 13.

In line with Google’s previous behavior, pundits suspect a new Nexus phone in will release in conjunction with Android L, though Google has yet to confirm any reports of a Nexus 6. Still, rumors abound and the working theory seems to point to Motorola as the manufacturer behind the Nexus 6, also known as the Nexus X. The device will supposedly sport a display between 5.5 inches and 5.9 inches, making it one of the largest “phablets” on the market; a market that seems poised for tapping considering the sales of the iPhone 6 Plus. Again, Google has yet to confirm any of these reports. That fact, however, hasn’t stopped Android fans from flooding Twitter with excitement and speculation.

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