Analytics Company, Winner: Allocadia

Allocadia’s budgeting, planning and performance software was built by marketers for marketers. Among its unique features are integrations with more than 33 other systems, including Netsuite, SAP, Marketo, Google AdWords, and Salesforce, and a predictive technology engine that offers pipeline forecasting and analyzing variations.

Multiple clients praised Allocadia for providing valuable global insights and for helping marketing teams drive alignment to overall corporate goals and make data-driven, strategic decisions that drive revenue.

One CMO client said that Allocadia has helped prove her marketing team’s contribution to the overall business, which has improved marketing’s credibility with the company.

Microsoft is working collaboratively with Allocadia to solve “the marketing ROI challenge.”

“We selected Allocadia based on its leadership in the Marketing Performance Management category and our confidence in working together to accomplish our goals,” a Microsoft representative said. “With Allocadia, we have visibility into the data required to measure marketing ROI, enhancing our ability to make the decisions necessary to maximize marketing’s contribution to the organization.”

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