An App For Making Apps Work Better

Appboy founder and CTO Bill Magnuson says that the primary mission of his three-year-old company has always been to provide intelligent CRM for mobile-first marketers on an enterprise scale. “What we’re interested in is—whenever a brand is having a conversation with a consumer—we want to drive that conversation with the right content.”

Hence, this week’s launch of the mobile marketing automation provider’s Action-Based Delivery feature. The data-driven program detects changes in the states of app users and lets marketers tailor and send email or push notifications to them aimed at increasing app engagement time and revenue generation.

“This is about much more than app abandonment,” Magnuson says. “This creates lift among highly engaged users, moving them through the onboarding funnel in a more effective manner and increasing revenue from them.”

Magnuson says this is accomplished by storing all data on a per-user basis and making it all available for use by clients. Triggers for message firing can include a made purchase, an abandoned cart, or persona locale. Marketers used rule-base systems to send messages immediately after a specified action takes place or can set delays to include exceptions when an action takes place, ensuring that messages are still relevant when customers receive them.

The Chive, a photo entertainment website and app, beta-tested Action-Based Delivery by sending push notifications with coupon codes three minutes after a new user’s first session. “Our initial tests yielded a 45% open rate on Android,” says Curtis Thomas, activation marketing manager at Resignation Media, which owns The Chive. “The responsiveness and adaptability allows us to better prompt user behavior.”

Data points that marketers can use to construct message plans include the loyalty card information and lifetime value of specific customers. “We want to be able to influence the user journey,” Magnuson says.

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