Amy Inlow, CMO, Albert, by Adgorithms

Amy Inlow has nearly 20 years of strategic marketing and communications experience in the technology industry. Her responsibilities as CMO of Albert include building awareness, driving demand and growth, and architecting the go-to-market strategy for the company’s artificial intelligence marketing solution.

She also serves on Forrester’s B2B leadership advisory board. Previously, Inlow served as CMO of Tracx and spent several years at Experian Marketing Services.

Marketing strategy: I consider myself to be a very strategic marketer. I began my career in PR and product marketing, and then moved into demand generation. When you start in PR and product, you naturally come at it from a very strategic mindset because you have to understand all of the macro and micro dynamics that go into delivering and messaging a product to serve a given set of needs.

Defining moment: The first was early in my career when I was working at an agency. I saw my clients struggling to do integrated marketing well and decided I wanted to go in-house to lead a marketing team and integrated marketing efforts myself. I’ve been doing that since.

Advice to young marketers: Learn as much as you can and never stop learning. The other thing is believe in yourself.

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