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Amy Hoopes, Wente Family Estates: DMN 2014 40 Under 40 Award winner

Amy Hoopes
CMO and EVP, Global Sales, Wente Family Estates

Winning ways: Raise a glass to Amy Hoopes, the wunderkind of wine. She started her career at the wine industry’s version of a CPG company, E&J Gallo, where she quickly rose through the marketing ranks and played a pivotal role in delivering Italian import Ecco Domani to a wide audience. She took her flair for social media promotion to Wente, where she highlighted National Chardonnay Day with a Live Toast for Wente family members that sparked a million tweets in two hours. When Wente introduced entwine, a brand co-developed with The Food Network, it was Hoopes who imbued the rich aromas of Wente wine placements on the network’s TV shows and in its magazine.

Defining moment: Helping to create the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation. “The mission was to connect an Italian table wine with high fashion and be the first brand in Gallo’s import portfolio to make imported wines accessible. The program was a game changer for marketing premium-priced imported wines in the U.S. and still inspires me to this day. One of my greatest learnings was that people make the difference. It truly was a team effort.”

Words to live by: “We don’t lose. We either win or learn.”

Head swivel:  “More-faster-better is always around us. From a broad scope, this type of ‘I want it now’ mentality is counter-intuitive to wine. We watch these trends and learn from them so that we can continue to deliver access to our wines in new and creative ways, but we always remain committed to our core brand identity throughout all touchpoints.”  

Good advice: “Marketing can be like quicksand. The more you scramble in different directions, the harder it is to break out.”

First job: I can’t remember my first job. I’ve always been motivated to work, from extra chores at home to cleaning out the neighbors’ closets, mowing lawns, and babysitting. But my first official paycheck came from my role as an expeditor at a white tablecloth restaurant. My sister Dawn begged me to take the job because it was the only way she could get promoted to full waitress. I simply don’t view working hard as hard work.”

Best read: There are too many to choose from. On a continuous quest for knowledge, I look to feed both sides of my brain–business strategy and creative inspiration–and then there’s always an extra book for pure pleasure.

Favorite app: “My United Airlines app. It keeps me knowing which city I’m headed to.”

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