AMN TV Plans Ahead for Christmas

Per-inquiry direct response television marketer AMN Television is hitting the airwaves, promoting itself in preparation for the holiday season.

The company said this week that it would produce three short-form ads sold to television stations on a per-inquiry basis, promoting and products featured at the site. AMN owns

AMN will choose three products featured at 800webmall to highlight in the spots, which will run 15, 30 and 60 seconds each.

“We are interested in promoting those products which will drive the most traffic to the site to maximize the benefit to our TV stations,” said Scott Hatmaker, president of AMN Television, Murrieta, CA.

Airing the ads also will allow the television stations to get on board the 800webmall platform by adding the link to their site, creating a co-branded site with AMN and sharing in any profits.

“The industry has been looking for a way to sell infomercial products using short-form commercials for years, and thanks to the Internet, we finally have a solution,” Hatmaker said.

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