American Scientific Resources to launch Kidz-Med campaign

American Scientific Resources Inc., operator of Heart Smart Inc. and Kidz-Med Inc., has signed an agreement with Global Media Fund to launch a multimedia ad campaign valued at $1 million.

The company claims its premier product, the Thermofocus thermometer, is the first non-contact infrared clinical thermometer and will become the gold standard in thermometry.

“This campaign is designed to educate consumers on the many benefits of our Kidz-Med products, particularly Thermofocus,” said Erika Stanczak, vice president of marketing at American Scientific Resources, New Paltz, NY .

“The additional intention of the campaign is to give retailers assurance that Thermofocus and other Kidz-Med-related products will have significant sales support due to the powerful combination of the extensive media exposure and Thermofocus’ revamped retail packaging,” she said.

In addition to a short-form DRTV ad for release on spot-market television stations, cable systems and networks, the multimedia campaign will include production and placement of ads for nationally syndicated newspaper features, radio programs and a custom-designed Internet campaign.

“The strategy is to use DRTV and we’re going to improve their Web site because we’re going to be directing people to it,” said Gay Walley, vice president of marketing and media at Global Media Fund. “They make a thermometer for the general public. Their target audience is everybody really, so TV works for them. It’s not a segmented target product.”

The campaign will launch in about two months, Ms. Walley said. The TV spots will include Scientific America Resources’ Web address at and a toll-free number.

“Global Media Fund is sort of an unusual company,” Ms. Walley said. “It does marketing and media for companies that are on the stock market and we do it for stock, not for cash, so we invest in the company.”

Mt. Sinai, New York-based Global Fund Resources’ campaign for American Scientific Resources is worth $1 million.

“It’s a lot for a new company and the reason they’re able to do is that we get paid in stock,” Ms. Walley said. “Normally a small company like that would not be able to do that. They wouldn’t have the cash.”

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