American Microsystems to Run DM Campaign for Portable Data Terminal

American Microsystems, Euless, TX, is gearing up to run two separate direct mail campaigns promoting its newest portable data terminal to both of its customer segments.

American Microsystems, a manufacturer and distributor of bar code equipment, dropped more than 60,000 pieces last week to its dealer networks touting M5000, its portable data terminal. M5000 allows users to walk around either a store or warehouse and collect, read and scan information on bar-coded products.

“The primary reason we like to get the product in the hands of the dealers first is so that they can test it and see how it operates,” said Kevin Rogers, president of American Microsystems. “They work more closely with the end users, and when they need questions answered about specifics on the product, they can give them all the information they need.”

According to Rogers, several hundred responses have already come in from the mail piece. Instead of providing a response mechanism to be mailed back, American Microsystems is directing people to its Web site or to call its toll-free number.

The piece will have a listing of other products the new terminal can be used with, as well as a listing of special deals for dealers, pricing and features.

American Microsystems has a database of about 13,000 dealer networks. For the campaign, it targeted each one within that database as well as a large number of new prospects.

Next month, more than 35,000 pieces will go out to end users in a number of different industries.

“Our primary market other than the network dealers is anybody who has to keep any type of inventory on their products, do any logistics, warehousing or distribution,” Rogers said. “We don't go after many big names, instead we target small to middle-sized market companies. There are a lot more of those that need bar code equipment.”

The end-user mail piece will contain photos of the product, pricing, a listing of its features, operational instructions and a listing of other mechanisms it can be used with.

All new respondents to the mailings are going to be added to the American Microsystems database.

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