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HBO audio mural installations/Single consumer

Agency: BBDO, New York
Client: HBO

The HBO drama Big Love, which portrays a large, polygamous family hiding its true identity from the outside world, had been off the air for about 18 months when its third season was about to begin. HBO, working with BBDO, New York, created interactive audio billboards in New York and Los Angeles. To get passersby to relate to the show’s characters, the campaign encouraged consumers to use audio jacks to listen to their secrets, which ranged from the humorous to the dramatic. For instance, a man featured on the billboard admitted to wearing a slimming girdle, while a woman disclosed that she hated her baby. The effort specifically targeted women age 30 and older, who could identify with how the show’s three female leads are often pulled in different and difficult directions while trying to keep their lives private. More than 900,000 pedestrians saw the campaign’s two Los Angeles installations, and the interactive billboard gained more than 1.4 million monthly impressions in New York. The average consumer spent more than five minutes interacting with the billboards. The campaign also gained considerable press coverage, in The New York Times and more than 15 blogs.

Chief Creative Officer
David Lubars, Bill Bruce

Executive Creative Directors
Greg Hahn, Mike Smith

Creative Director/Art Director
James Clunie

Creative Director/Copywriter
Pierre Lipton

Art Buyer
Betsy Jablow

Audio Producer
Peter Feldman

Print Producer
Mike Musano

Account Team
Tara Deveaux, Courtney Lord

Brad Harris

We are far away, we need to shout louder/Nonprofit Campaign

Agency: Draftfcb, Spain
Client: River Plate Athletic Club

The River Plate Athletic Club — one of the most popular soccer teams in Argentina — wanted a campaign to communicate to Argentinians living in Spain that there is a River Plate Fan Club in Barcelona. It also needed to do so on a budget. Agency Draftfcb Spain worked with the team to create RiverPlateBarcelona.com, a Web site enabling expatriate fans to meet and discuss the team. The idea snowballed from there, with viral videos illustrating fans’ devotion. Print ads also ran with photos of slogans supporting River Plate carved into a fan’s torso. Finally, the agency took advantage of an exhibition game between Argentina and Catalonia in Barcelona for the “bottled shouts” portion of the campaign. Plastic bottles were passed out to River Plate fans, who were encouraged to shout their support for their home team into them. These bottles were loaded onto a plane and flown all the way back to Argentina, where they were uncorked for River Plate. This brought the “We are far away, we need to shout louder” execution full circle. The cumulative effect of the efforts led to more than 10,000 daily hits to the Web site.

Executive Creative Manager
Sergio Oca

Creative Directors
Beto Nahmad, Pep Ferrero

Art Director
Javi Garcia

Assistant Art Director
Alex Calvo

Account Team
Jose Comerma

Interactive Director
Diego Velasco

Inma Ibanez

Director, DOP and Editor
Ben Gordon

Aldo Lolago


Make yourself beautiful/Nonprofit Campaign

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity, Melbourne
Client: WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

The World Society for the Protection of Animals tasked Clemenger BBDO Proximity with convincing women to sign a petition encouraging a United Nations animal  welfare declaration. The group wanted to acquire 20,000 signatures, with both e-mail and mobile contact details, and then convert at least 3% of that group to financial supporters. However, the organization also wanted to avoid shock tactics. Clemenger shifted the campaign’s emphasis from the animals themselves to the empowerment of helping them and set up petitions in every Australian Body Shop store, as well as online. The effort exceeded expectations, with 60,000 consumers signing the petition and 4% becoming financial supporters. One in three Web visitors also returned to further support the campaign, which was then implemented across Canadian Body Shop locations.

Creative Director
Damian Royce

Nick Kelly

Art Directors
Quenton Miller, Manita Sanders

Web Designer
Jon Kerney

Rikki Whyte

Account Manager
Louise Paton

Begging sculptures/Single consumer

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt
Client: German Foundation for Monument Protection

Many of Germany’s most beloved sculptures and monuments have fallen into disrepair. Challenged with making the public aware of this problem, and then getting consumers to donate money, OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt, decided to let the sculptures themselves beg for themselves. The agency created redesigned replicas of the original sculptures for the German Foundation for Monument Protection. The sculptures were placed in subway stations and pedestrian underpasses overtly “begging” for donations. Some included taglines such as “My cathedral needs your help.” To maximize impact, the reimagined sculptures were also placed in the vicinity of their real-life counterparts. The campaign, which targeted adults of all ages, helped the group get a 40% increase in donations.

Creative Director
Simon Oppmann, Peter Roemmelt

Account Management
Marco Bisello

Vorwerk: doorbell sticker/Single consumer

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt
Client: Vorwerk

Vorwerk has 8,000 salespeople selling vacuum cleaners across Germany. However, fewer and fewer consumers are willing to let salespeople into their homes. To generate more in-home visits, OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt designed the “Doorbell Sticker” campaign, which used adhesive labels in the traditional design of German doorbells. The stickers, placed underneath doorbell panels, demonstrated to consumers that they have neighbors they might not be aware of: billions of dust mites. The stickers urged consumers to make an appointment with a company salesperson. They also promoted vacuum cleaners designed specifically for people allergic to dust mites. Of all targeted addresses, 2.6% called to schedule an appointment. During the campaign, 9.7% more in-house visits were made than the previous year, and sales of vacuum cleaners for allergic persons increased significantly.

Creative Directors
Simon Oppmann, Peter Roemmelt

Art Director
Eva Stetefeld

Holger Gaubatz

Turtle beach/Single nonprofit

Agency: Rapp, UK
Client: International Fund for Animal Welfare

Every year, many tourists visiting Great Britain buy turtle shell trinkets, unaware that they’re giving money to poachers who butcher sea turtles as they return from the sea to lay their eggs. Rapp, working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, sought to make consumers aware of the issue and drive them to the group’s Web site by arranging for life-sized card models, portraying the turtles themselves, to “come ashore.” As vacationers turned over the turtles, they found information about the practice printed on the turtle’s underside. The publicity stunt was organized to warn vacationers not to buy combs, necklaces and other trinkets made from the animals. The initiative generated significant feedback on the organization’s Web site and extensive coverage in print, radio and television media.

Art Directors
Paul Turner, Ralph Barnett

Magnus Thorne

Carl Alston

Jane Rose

Bigger storage ideas/Single consumer

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt
Client: IKEA, Germany

German consumers have a problem that’s common worldwide: household clutter. To solve that problem, and to drive consumers to Ikea, OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt redesigned the front of an apartment building on a busy street corner with giant mockups of Ikea drawers and cardboard boxes. The agency sought to drive attention to Ikea and to link the product to where it can be put to good use – small apartments. Employees also distributed  catalogs and response postcards on site. The initiative resulted in 12,000 contracts per day, totaling about 168,000 contacts in a two-week period. It also gained press coverage, and visitors and sales at two Ikea locations in Frankfurt increased significantly. The campaign’s postcard response rate was about 18%.

Creative Directors
Lars Huvart, Thomas Hofbeck

Art Director
Kerstin Eberbach

Fabian Schrader

Art Buying
Martina Diederichs, Caroline Walczok

Account Management
Marco Bisello

Account Supervisor
Sascha Riedel

Petrol receipt/Single consumer

Agency: DDB Germany, Hamburg
Client: Volkswagen AG

DDB Germany, Hamburg wanted position Volkswagen AG’s BlueMotion models as economical and environmentally friendly vehicles. The agency targeted consumers on their gas receipts, showing them how much further they could go – literally – in a Volkswagen AG car. The agency targeted environmentally conscious consumers who do not want to compromise the quality of their products while consuming less.

Executive Creative Directors
Martin Drust, Hartmut Kozok

Creative Director
Thomas Bober

The Fiat 500 hand dryer/Single consumer

Agency: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt
Client: Fiat Group Automobiles, Germany

Potential buyers of the Fiat 500 are young and active. Leo Burnett, Frankfurt wanted to find a way to get them to experience Fiat’s Start & Stop system in real life. An ideal place was in restrooms, where consumers use electric hand dryers. The company developed the Fiat 500 hand dryer to promote its eco-friendly image.

Chief Creative Officer
Andreas Pauli

Creative Directors
Andreas Stalder, Ulf Henninger von Wallersbrunn, Joerg Hoffmann, Matthias Fickinger


Make it a thing of the past/Nonprofit campaign

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Client: Save the Children

Save the Children’s awareness in Australia was just 3%, the lowest of any mainstream charity in that country, despite its status worldwide. The charity tasked M&C Saatchi to help raise its profile in the Oceania nation. It wanted a back-to-basics campaign to tell people the Save the Children story: who they are, what they do and where they operate. To show just how committed the charity was to its goal, M&C created the “Make it a Thing of the Past” campaign, with photography showing how Save the Children is willing to put itself out of business to make its charges museum pieces. After all, when child labor, prostitution and war are behind us, there won’t be much of a need to save the children. Brand awareness doubled as a result of the striking print ads.

Also placed bronze in the Print Ad category.

Creative Director
Steve Crawford

Head of Art
Murray Bransgrove

Senior Writers
Sandra Galiazzo, Doogie Chapman

Graphic Designers
Ed Croll, Ben Schulz

Account Manager
Bree Woodhouse

Direct & Digital Planner
Chantelle Warren

Polar bears/Single consumer

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York
Client: Environmental Defense Fund

When Ogilvy & Mather set up a campaign for the Environmental Defense Fund, the agency encouraged consumers to take public transportation by establishing an emotional connection with them. PSAs depicted mother and child polar bears, made out of recyclable trash bags, inflating when trains passed and then, tragically, dying as they deflated.

Group Creative Directors
Chis Mitton, Terry Finley

Senior Art Director
Dustin Duke

Senior Copywriter
Jon Wagner

Throw us a bone/ Single nonprofit

Agency: M&C Saatchi/Mark
Client: Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

Struggling to spur donations in a weak economy and recruit volunteers, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home sought a standout campaign. The charity ran an outdoor campaign around a character named Frankie the Wonderdog that enabled consumers to donate $5 by mobile phone and be rewarded with a trick. On a billboard near Sydney’s Customs House, Frankie hounded passersby to “throw us a bone” in the form of an SMS message in return for an immediate on-screen trick. Eight tricks encouraged repeat donations. In three days, 1,327 bones’ worth of donations were made, and  17.4% threw bones two or more times. The nonprofit also saw a 600% increase in new volunteers, and 25% of dogs needing homes were adopted.

Also placed bronze in the Out of Home category.

Executive Creative Director
Ben Welsh

Creative Director
Gavin McLeod

Genevieve Hoey

Art Director
Hannes Ciatti

Head Of Copy
Hamish Stewart

Technical Advisor
Aaron Wallis

Group Account Director
Megan Wooding

Account Director
Kirsty Smith

Account Service
Fiona Reay, Lee Bachaer-Adler

Matt Taylor, Mark Simpson


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Agentur am Flughafen

BFW Liegenschaften
Rene Eugster

Save Your Skin
Euro Rscg, Australia

Cancer Council Australia
Rowan Dean

Die Burger Coffee Wraps
Draftfcb, Cape Town

Die Burger
Glynn Venter

Euro RSCG, Czech Republic

CD: Dejan Stajnberger

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CD: Simon Lee

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