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Make a Move

Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut
Client: Exotica

Judges unanimously praised this team and campaign, which was executed in Lebanon for a leading local flower shop chain called Exotica. The agency reported that its well known that Lebanese women outnumber men six to one. Exotica regularly promotes “making a difference” and wanted to help ensure single women were recognized on Valentine’s Day. The campaign was executed on multiple platforms, including women offering men roses in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls and on the streets. “Exotica developed the ‘Make a Move’ campaign to help single ladies get the man they want,” the agency said. “By making sure that women were taking their fate into their own hands, the lucky boy would then send a bouquet to his Valentine. This was a very empowering process.” Several judges acknowledged the client’s courage. “A brilliant strategy to break some taboos while selling some flowers, too,” said one. “This campaign broke formal barriers and was courageous,” said another. “Great insight for women to activate.”

Executive Creative Director
Bechara Mouzannar

Creative Director
Ghida Younes

Rana Khoury

Senior Art Directors
Natasha Maasari, Caroline Farra

See The Person

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
Client: Scope

Scope is an Australian nonprofit organization that provides disability services. Messaging, such as “see the person, not the disability,” regularly emphasizes just how capable people with disabilities really are. For this campaign, Scope and Leo Burnett Melbourne teamed with Aussie rock band Rudely Interrupted, which includes five members with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, to release a single, create a music video, and launch a national tour to illustrate the message. “Rudely Interrupted are the ultimate proof of this message,” the agency said. “The music video encourages people to see the band’s musical talent, and not the disability.” Going through the music industry helped the team reach a young target audience and increase awareness as the song’s popularity increased. Proceeds from the tour and sales of the track went directly to Scope. “Wonderful use of a music video to make their point,” said one judge. “Very engaging work,” said another judge. “Human, and interrupts in an interesting way in the media used.”

Executive Creative Director
Jason Williams

Elle Bullen

Art Director
James Orr

TV Producer
Mandy Clems


Brain Teaser

Agency: OgilvyOne Frankfurt
Client: Nintendo of Europe

This campaign transformed crowded shopping mall restrooms in Germany into brain teaser games just prior to Christmas, proving that consumers can play with the Nintendo DSi handheld devices almost anywhere. The game led shoppers into consumer electronics stores, where fliers offering a 10% discount on Nintendo were distributed. During the two-week promotional period, Nintendo DSi brain teaser sales in the shopping malls increased 21%, and DSi handheld sales increased more than 12%.

Chief Creative Officer
Dr. Stephan Vogel

Executive Creative Officer
Peter Roemmelt

Creative Director
Simon Oppmann

Art Director/Copywriter
Daniel Schweinzer

Marcus Pfeiffer

Supreme Security

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam
Client: Supreme Security

As a private international operation based in Switzerland, Supreme Security employees travel frequently and are regularly screened by airport security. The campaign turned employees into job recruiters who targeted airport security personnel. They were perfectly positioned to deliver messaging to airport security workers, whose specialist training appeals to Supreme Security. Metal bars etched with written job offers were carried in employees’ hand luggage, thus revealing the job offers on baggage monitor screens.

Chief Creative Director
Markus Gut

Executive Creative Director
Philipp Skrabal

Creative Director
Lars Blöchlinger

Andi Portmann


The Value of a Coin

Agency: Wunderman
Client: Terre des Hommes

On December 10, the International Day of Human Rights, this 24-hour ambient action targeted men in restaurants in Basel, Switzerland. The objective was to get young men to donate even a small amount to NGO “Terre des Hommes.” Confronting the men with information about starvation in Tanzania, messaging then stressed that the audience certainly wasn’t starving and even spare change could make a difference.

Chief Creative Officer
Markus Gut

Executive Creative Director
Philipp Skrabal

Samuel Textor

Art Director
Michael Gallmann

Support Scent

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity Melbourne
Client: Guide Dogs Australia

This team created a unisex fragrance called Support Scent that engaged the blind and the general public in order to generate new support for Guide Dogs Australia. Scented letters helped the blind community build recognition of the fragrance, which sells for $5 and provides an ongoing revenue. Results included increases in fundraising (33%); affinity among a younger donor audience (33%); relevance (47%); and propensity to support (37%).

Executive Creative Director
Ant Keogh

Creative Director
Damian Royce

Creative Team
Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber

Entry Stamp

Agency: PKP BBDO
Client: Bayer

Bayer aspirin logos were used as hand stamps at popular nightclubs in Austria to reach 18- to 35-year-olds with the brand’s message. The agency noted that most wouldn’t really look at the stamp until after the party — when they would need headache relief the most. The action positioned the brand as understanding and helpful while also anchoring an association with aspirin as an effective headache remedy among this young audience.

Creative Director
Thomas Tatzl

Art Directors
Oliver Cleven, Lukas Handler

Christiane Sieveking, Stefan Metzler-Dinhobl

Is This Art?

Agency: Wunderman Germany
Client: Lufthansa Germany

In partnership with a prominent German art gallery, this action promoted Lufthansa’s 99 ¤ flights within Germany and Europe on “paintings” framed and exhibited in various galleries and museums. Each canvas showed only “99 euro.” A description of the paintings explained the promotion and drove viewers to Lufthansa’s website. Overall, customers redeemed 5,000 promotion codes, which led to an additional turnover of about 500,000.

Executive Creative Director
Erik Backes

Creative Directors
Cornel Frey, Wolfgang Geis

Creative Supervisor Copy
Peter Oertl

Senior Art Director
Peggy Lanz


Plant Spike
Agency: Wunderman Sydney
Client: WWF
CD: Matt Batten

Frankfurt Food Bank – Trojan Bottles
Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt
Client: Frankfurt Food Bank
CD: Hans-Juergen Kaemmerer

Good Ideas For Dutch Politics

Agency: Proximity Amsterdam
Client: Douwe Egberts
CD: Paul Falla

Discover Rosetta

Agency: Rosetta
Client: Rosetta
CD: Dean Skinner

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