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Amazon Payments extended to non-profits

Amazon.com has expanded its Amazon Payments solution to nonprofits, allowing consumers to make donations to participating groups using their accounts with the Web merchant.

The American Red Cross, UNICEF, Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, Feeding America and Children’s Miracle Network are among the organizations accepting donations via Amazon Payments on their Web sites.

“For somebody who is nervous about providing their credit card information online, offering Amazon Payments will provide an extra layer of security that should help,” said Craig Sorensen, CMO of the Children’s Miracle Network. He added that Amazon Payments will not replace any existing online payment methods.

Children’s Miracle Network will track donations made via Amazon Payments in coming months to see how many originate from Amazon.com or the Children’s Miracle Network homepage.

Mark Stabingas, GM of Amazon Payments, said in a statement that the partnerships leverage the platform’s fraud detection and risk management controls.

Nonprofits have several payment services available to them from Amazon, including Simple Pay Donations, Flexible Payments Service and Simple Pay Standard. The company also offers Checkout by Amazon for those retailers looking for a more complete checkout platform.  

Amazon began a free payment processing offer to businesses and organizations in April to promote Amazon Payments.

It also released a mobile payment system, known as Amazon Mobile Payments Service.

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