Amazon lets consumers shop via text has introduced a new service that lets consumers use text messages to search and shop on its site.

The new service, deemed TextBuyIt, expands Amazon’s mobile offering beyond its mobile WAP site. Now consumers on any mobile device, Internet enabled or not, can use text messages to make purchases.

“Our goal is to allow customers to shop no matter where they are, be it from the PC or mobile device,” said Heather Huntoon, a spokesperson for, via e-mail. “We have a lot of customers who use text messaging extensively. This is how they communicate and want to consume things.”

Consumers can search for a product they are looking for and complete a purchase using TextBuyIt. To search for a product, consumers can send a text message to “Amazon” (262966) with the name of the product, search term or a UPC or ISBN code. Amazon will reply immediately with the product and prices.

To buy an item, customers reply to the text message by entering a single digit number next to the desired product. In response, customers will then receive a phone call from Amazon with the final details of their order and asking them to confirm or cancel the purchase.

To sign into an account, consumers enter their e-mail address and zip code. With this information, Amazon uses customers’ default settings for payment method, shipping address and shipping speed.

While she couldn’t go into detail, Huntoon said Amazon is seeing “more and more customers using Amazon’s mobile services on a daily basis.

“In fact, in recent months, we’ve seen customers using their mobile devices to purchase everything from books, to big screen HDTVs, to $30,000 watches, using the Amazon site for mobile device,” she continued.

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