Amacai introduces daily turnkey mailer solution for new mover market

Amacai Information Corp. an original source data provider offers a daily direct mail solution that mails to new movers within 96 hours of their telephone connect.

The solution, New Neighbor Direct, allows direct marketers to reach new movers as quickly as possible using a combination of up-to-date data, print-on-demand technology and First-Class Mail. Mailers can choose from two standard-sized postcards to get their message out and the volume minimum is 500 postcards. The solution executes the data-print-mail process every day.

“Increasing response rates is the biggest challenge for marketers targeting new movers, and in this market we’ve found that timing is the critical factor,” said Melissa Anderson, vice president of new business development for Amacai. “The industry norm is for the marketers’ message to reach new movers 60 to 90 days after their move. By then it’s often too late because the buying decision has already been made.”

Amacai Information Corp. provides name, address and phone data to companies whose core business is built upon complete and accurate contact information. Amacai is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vienna, VA-based Targusinfo, which provides on-demand data to help companies optimize every interaction with consumers and customers

Every day Amacai receives data feeds directly from the telecommunication firms indicating a new phone connection has been made. The data is then run through proprietary cleansing processes and then married with pre-selected creative, printed on demand and mailed via First-Class Mail every day. This solution gets the customer’s message out to the targets within 96 hours of the phone connection. The key to New Neighbor Direct is that it reaches the target before they begin making buying decisions.

Earlier this year, Amacai introduced a data product called New Movers On Demand, a service that delivers daily name, address and phone data on consumers that have moved to a new location in the last 72 hours. But after talking to customers and prospects about the new product, Amacai discovered that the weekly and/or monthly print and mail cycles built in extra time and subsequently lowered response rates.

“We were frustrated because the industry really wasn’t taking full advantage of our new mover data,” said Ms. Anderson. “We have the freshest data in the industry – delivered within 72 hours of a telephone connection – but the rest of the standard direct marketing process was adding weeks and in some cases months. So we developed New Neighbor Direct.”

“We know delays to market can be detrimental to a new mover campaign because studies have shown that new movers spend more within the first 90 days after their move than they do over the next 5 years,” said Amacai president Troy Henikoff. “By mailing 90 days after the move, marketers are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach new movers before the buying decision is made.”

While Mr. Henikoff said that while firms traditionally targeting new movers have shown interest in the product, such as the home improvement stores, stores offering home alarm systems, and dentists. Other firms are showing interest as well, such as grocery stores and coffee shops.

“So far the response to this new product has been phenomenal,” Ms. Anderson said. “Our customers love the simplicity of the program. Once they set up the daily program, their marketing is on auto-pilot. All they have to do now is sit back and wait for the leads to pour in.”

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