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Alterian quizzes marketers on sophistication of e-mail programs

E-mail marketing services firm Alterian debuted a free online assessment tool that measures a marketer’s e-mail marketing sophistication and recommends tips for improvement.

The Email Self-Evaluation is available at www.alterian.com/quiz.

The overall results will be published and shared with the public when the study is completed.

“This evaluation will help us keep a pulse on the maturity of the e-mail market,” said Jason McNamara at Alterian, Chicago, IL. “We look forward to helping e-mail marketers improve response, efficiency, the customer experience and responsibility.”

Alterian’s self-evaluation asks marketers to answer 10 survey questions to gauge the level of each marketer’s e-mail program. Then, based on the score, it gives marketers a rich media presentation that offers them ideas to help advance their e-mail marketing programs. The results are given in real time and let marketers compare their efforts to others in the industry.

So far more than 300 marketers have taken the quiz, including Alterian client Vertis Communications who uses the tool with its own clients to test their e-mail marketing practices and help prepare appropriate counsel.

According to Mr. McNamara, the survey is being given in response to the growth in the e-mail marketing market, which he said is aggressive.

“For the first time in few years we see online marketing budgets allocating more dollars to e-mail marketing than search,” he said. “E-mail marketing spend is on the rise, spam is under control, the consumer wants to communicate via e-mail and corporate marketers are using e-mail as the baseline to launch their integrated marketing strategy.”

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