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AlphaGraphics Campaign Mixes, DM, TV ; Mailings Will Tie Together What Print Ads, Commercials Highli

AlphaGraphics Inc., Tucson, AZ, launched a nationwide advertising campaign last week that includes an extensive direct mailing program, close to 3,000 prime-time television commercials and full-page ads in People magazine over the next two years.

The campaign is the first venture into national print and television advertising for AlphaGraphics, a 25-year-old quick printing franchise with 330 locations across the country. The company specializes in designing copy, printing, Web-site design and digital file transfer. It has 76 international locations as well, but the advertising campaign, which was created and produced by DDB Needham Dallas, will be only for the domestic locations.

According to Richard Kissane, president and chief operating officer at AlphaGraphics, the direct mailing aspect of the campaign will be run by each store.

“That part of our campaign will consist of 10 direct mail pieces being sent out over a 12-month period,” he said. “Each store has its own mailing list that they use on a monthly basis. We also plan on sending mailings to prospective new customers.”

Each mailing will highlight new services and products being offered by AlphaGraphics plus a listing of the existing products and services they offer.

“With the TV and print media ads, we are looking to build a brand name,” Kissane said, “but the direct mailings will be the key component that helps tie everything about our company.”

Kissane said the mailings will explain to people, in more detail, the specialized services and products they can get from AlphaGraphics.

“With the mailings, we are able to hold people’s attention longer and convey the broad picture to them,” he said. “Direct marketing has worked well for us and it has been the key component of our marketing strategy for the past 25 years, and there is no reason for that to change now.”

“This is a very upscale brand building campaign that gets to the essence of what AlphaGraphics does,” said Kyle Purdy, account director at DDB Needham Dallas, “and that is practice a first-class commitment to get the job done. And we feel that this campaign conveys that message.”

The campaign will carry the tag line “Design, Copy, Print, Miracles.” Kissane said the miracle theme represents the high quality of work they can do for their customers when asked to meet a strict deadline.

“We are stressing that we will take the approach that we are going to do what we have to, to get the job done and do it so that our customers will be satisfied with the finished product,” he said.

The television spots will run on nine major cable networks, including CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC, A&E and the Weather Channel.

“This new fully integrated campaign represents a quantum leap in elevating awareness of our brand in every market,” said Mike Witte, chairman and CEO of AlphaGraphics. “With the growth of our franchise system and the broad range of capabilities we offer our business customers, the time is right to begin speaking to the broadest possible audience.”

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