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ALM Buys Strategic Research institute

ALM , a media company serving legal and business professionals, has purchased the Strategic Research Institute, a privately held conference and seminar producer.

The Strategic Research Institute in New York produces more than 130 annual conferences focusing on sectors like finance, life sciences, natural resource development, multicultural marketing, technology and general business.

The Strategic Research Institute will join ALM’s related conference businesses, including ALM Events for legal professionals and managers, Insight Information business conferences in Canada and the RealShare conference series produced by ALM’s Real Estate Media Division.

The deal was brokered by New York’s The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc. (http://www.jegi.com/main.asp), a provider of investment banking services on middle-market transactions in the media and information industries.

The investment bank also completed United Business Media’s (http://www.unitedbusinessmedia.com/) purchase of Commonwealth Business Media for $2.5 million.

Commonwealth, East Windsor, NJ, is a specialist business intelligence provider to the international trade and transportation industry.

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