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ALC’s Fran Green to head company’s new initiatives

Fran Green, ALC’s president of data management and the 2007 List Leader of the Year Award recipient, has been promoted to chief revenue strategist to aid in the number of major initiatives ALC is undertaking.

As chief revenue strategist, Ms. Green will continue developing new data-driven products and services, including database development, maintenance and fulfillment, data enhancements, modeling, customer profiling, data aggregation, and enhanced marketing applications.

She will be responsible for the creation of new product lines specifically geared to enable ALC clients to leverage their customer relationships based on a customer’s historic purchasing patterns.

ALC executive vice presidents Lori Magill-Cook and Britt Vatne will take over ALC’s traditional data management business.

Ms. Cook has been with ALC for more than 20 years and will run the company’s Princeton data management operation. Ms. Vatne, who joined ALC when it acquired her former company, L90 in 2003, will continue to manage the company’s Tarrytown, NY operation.

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