ALC-NY Gains Several Publishing Titles

ALC of New York LLC is expected to announce today its appointment as exclusive list manager of the Southern Progress Corp. publishing files of more than 6 million subscribers effective June 1.

Southern Progress is a multi-title consumer publisher owned by Time Inc. The files consist of 15 lists: the six individual magazine titles, six enhanced files and three corporate databases.

The magazine files are as follows: Southern Living, with 1.7 million active subscribers; Health, with 1.2 million active subscribers; Cooking Light, with 980,000 active subscribers; Coastal Living, with 319,000 active subscribers; Southern Accents, with 186,000 active subscribers; and Progressive Farmer, with 437,000 active subscribers.

Selects on these files include geography, gender, recency, source and change of address.

Each of the magazine files has an enhanced counterpart with demographic and psychographic selections such as age, income, age of children and lifestyle data.

The three corporate databases are the Southern Progress Subscriber Masterfile of more than 3.6 million active subscribers to the individual magazine titles, the Southern Progress Enhanced Masterfile of 4.5 million active subscribers and the AG Response National Farm Operators Database of more than 1.2 million names and addresses.

Pricing varies from file to file.

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