ALC to Manage Christian Publication Files

American List Counsel said yesterday that it would take over management of 11 Christian publication files from Christianity Today on March 18.

The Christianity Today file has 133,000 active subscribers and the Christianity Today International Masterfile has 554,000 active subscribers.

Other Christianity Today titles to be managed by ALC, Princeton, NJ, include Books and Culture with 9,000 active subs; Campus Life with 47,000 active subs; Christian History with 37,000 active subs; Christian Parenting Today with 61,000 active subs; Christian Reader with 29,000 active subs; Leadership Journal with 49,000 active subs; Marriage Partnership with 38,500 active subs; and Today's Christian Woman with 214,000 active subs.

ALC will also manage Men of Integrity, which is new to the market and does not yet have counts available.

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