ALC to Expand Marketing Services Business

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, yesterday announced that it successfully completed a $15 million funding initiative for the expansion of its interactive marketing services business, formerly called ALC Interactive. It will now be known as Impower Inc. and can be found at

According to Eric Zilling, president of Impower, it has developed an innovative set of tools to help improve the productivity of Web advertising for its clients. It has also developed a proprietary network called TransAct, which is made up of more than 10,000 Web sites that accept advertising at a fixed allowable cost per response. Zilling said it is the “only 100 percent transaction-based direct response inter-network.”

Impower also provides e-mail marketing along with Web advertising.

Some of Impower’s clients include American Express, Bell Atlantic, BMG Music, Time Warner, Rodale Press and Ziff Davis, while its Internet clients include Barnes &,, MyPoints, Excite and Catalog City.

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