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ALC of New York Launches Reactivation Campaign

Borrowing a strategy popular with catalog marketers, list management and brokerage firm ALC of New York has embarked on a sales campaign aimed at reactivating lapsed mailers.

For 60 days starting Feb. 1, mailers who have not placed orders for a given list in the last 12 months have the chance to re-test the list for $60 per thousand names. Orders for the next 12 months will also be charged at the same price. Andy Ostroy, managing partner for ALC of New York, said $60 represents an average discount of 40 to 50 percent off standard list rental prices.

Ostroy said the “60 for 60” campaign was created to stem the drop in income for list owners caused by the popularity of cooperative databases operated by third parties such as Abacus Direct, Experian Direct Tech and Acxiom/Direct Media. Mailers participate in these co-ops to gain names as an alternative to list rental. He estimates that 15 to 30 percent of all catalog prospecting is now done through co-ops.

“These databases are selling the same names as ALC of New York at highly discounted rates,” Ostroy said. “Our clients expect us to offset such lost revenue with creative new selling techniques.”

By lowering prices in line with those offered by the co-ops, ALC of New York is attempting to win back mailers that have elected to use co-ops simply due to their lower price. It is also a chance for lists that had started to underperform to be given another look.

This program is available on lists from Hammacher Schlemmer, Domestications, Garnet Hill, Coach, Bullock & Jones, Sensational Beginnings, The Right Start and Heartland America. Other catalog clients may participate on a case-by-case basis, Ostroy said. The program and prices will be reviewed after a year.

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