ALC Launches Data Card Web Site With NextMark

American List Counsel yesterday launched, a data card Web site featuring access to information on more than 700 lists.

The site is powered by technology firm NextMark and allows list brokers and mailers to search for ALC data cards by title, category, key word, media type, size of universe, average unit of sale, new lists and available selections.

Another search feature allows users to select lists that work for specific categories. Lists included in search results for these types of requests all have a minimum of five recent continuations for that category.

All data cards can be e-mailed with list usage from the site or printed out.

The bottom of each data card contains contact information for the ALC list manager for the file as well as the service bureau contacts for the file.

Data cards for ALC Signature Database lists also contain links to the Web site where orders cab be placed online.

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