ALC Hosts Brokers, Gains Forbes

It's the best of times and the worst of times for the list community, according to American List Counsel chairman/CEO Donn Rappaport who addressed 160 brokers at his firm's third annual gathering for the sellers of its lists last week at the Water Club in Manhattan.

“Business is growing, numbers are increasing and response is good,'' Rappaport said, but the work of brokers is being overshadowed by the Internet, cooperative databases, e-mail lists and other technology.

Rappaport urged list brokers to assert their role in the direct marketing equation and realize that they are still the ones bringing mailers and audiences together. Brokers also were asked to support the List Vision conference — the DMA event to be held in August that has suffered from sagging attendance the last two years — and promote continued training and development in the workplace.

ALC, Princeton, NJ, announced that its ALC of New England office in Stamford, CT, has assumed management of the Forbes publishing file effective July 1. Included in the file are the subscriber lists to Forbes Magazine (680,000 names), American Heritage (330,000), Invention & Technology (125,000), the Forbes enhanced master file (1.2 million), American Legacy as well as business newsletters and a business database.

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