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ALC Gains Neiman Retail File, Idea Art Inserts

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, announced the first-time availability yesterday of the Neiman Marcus Retail Store Buyers file through its list management division.

This file contains 650,000 retail buyers and has an average sale purchase of $150. The file is 80 percent female, and buyers have average incomes of $125,000. Selections include geography, recency, dollar, multi-buyer, credit card and product. Base price on the file is $100/M.

Also new to ALC's management are the Idea Art catalog blow-in and package insert programs.

Idea Art catalog customers buy promotional paper products such as letterhead, postcards, brochures and invitations. The catalog blow-in program consists of 7.5 million annually and has a price of $30/M. The package insert program consists of 89,500 annual packages and costs $60/M.

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