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‘Ajax Social Wipes” helps you get rid of Twitter spam and unwanted Facebook ‘likes’

Here’s a fun little marketing tool from household cleaning products brand Ajax.

To promote Ajax’s latest “Spray’N’Wipes” product, digital agency VML Australiacollaborated with the Colgate-Palmolive brand to create an online tool that helps you get rid of junk on your social media accounts. That includes old, unwanted Facebook pages you’ve liked in the past. In addition, the tool detects any spam that’s showing up in your Twitter feed, and automatically removes it.

To activate the tool, all you have to do is sign in through your Facebook or Twitter account. Here’s a video on the tool’s microsite that helps explain it a little better.

Sure you could do all those things on your own, but this is a convenient and easy way to get it all done in one place. Plus it’s a smart way to bring a very non-digital product into the digital world, creating a powerful association with the brand name.

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