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AirG launches ad targeting capabilities

AirG, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based mobile entertainment company, announced the launch of airG Targeting on June 14, a set of 14 parameters designed to help mobile advertisers reach relevant, specific audiences, says Omar Kaywan, director of mobile advertising at airG.

AirG Targeting works by gathering customer data and providing it to its customers, who can then segment that information and target a specific mobile audience, Kaywan says.

According to Kaywan, AirG Targeting will help customers achieve accuracy and intimacy when targeting consumers.

“Mobile is the most personalized medium that an advertiser could hope for,” he says. “It’s a one-to-one relationship that, for years, we’ve been dying to build for our user base.”

The service uses 14 parameters to target consumers, including location, age, type of device, languages spoken, education level and salary range. This information is gleaned from consumers when they sign up for airG online. “It’s users opting in and it’s user-generated data,” Kaywan says. “The audience that we attract on our site really focuses on sharing information.”

AirG client Red Bull is already using airG Targeting. The energy drink company used the targeting technology in advance of its 2012 Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship event, says Jason Quehl, director of marketing for Red Bull Canada.

The mobile campaign targeted smartphone-using males between the ages of 18 and 35 across Canada, with a focus on Quebec and Ontario, who are interested in skating, hockey and other winter extreme sports, Quehl says.

Quehl says Red Bull used airG Targeting because it is designed to segment audiences and provide relevant messaging in a way that jibes with Red Bull’s overall marketing strategy.

AirG’s VP of corporate development Dejan Mirkovic spoke at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) annual Forum in New York City on June 11, where he noted that mobile is on the rise and customers are increasingly engaged with their mobile devices.

Above: Omar Kaywan, director of mobile advertising at airG

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