Airborne Express Debuts QuikMail Bulk Flat Mail Delivery Service

Airborne Express yesterday unveiled the national rollout of QuikMail, a service that allows Airborne customers to send bulk shipments of flat-mail in 1 to 2 days but at rates 15 percent to 20 percent lower than current U.S. Postal Service’s First-Class mail rates.

Flat mail — such as such as annual reports, announcements, catalogs and product and service information that weighs up to 16 oz. — sent as USPS First-Class Mail takes 2-3 days.

QuikMail combines Airborne’s transportation network with the sorting services of partner QuickPak Inc. and the residential delivery expertise of the USPS, providing seamless delivery from virtually any business to any residential destination in the United States.

Airborne verifies and corrects the addresses if necessary, barcodes the pieces and delivers them to the QuikMail Processing Center in Indianapolis where they are sorted by ZIP code and delivered directly into the USPS stream for residential doorstep delivery.

According to Airborne, QuikMail reduces customer processing time by picking up mailings anywhere in the nation, preparing and sorting the delivery to ensure easier, more accurate delivery. Customers simply stuff, seal and address individual flat mail pieces and place them in a carton for Airborne pickup

Tricon Global Restaurants — owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell — is currently using the system and reporting good results.

“Partnering with Airborne has provided us with an efficient and money saving method of sending mailings to our company stores and franchisees,’ said Jim Mackell, Tricon’s manager of mail systems. “Prior to using QuikMail, we were sending flat-mail shipments via First Class. QuikMail gives us nearly the same speed at a significantly lower cost.”

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