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Aidan Ryan assumes crisis management role at WE Communications

"Crisis Management Role"
“Crisis Management Role”

Aidan Ryan, an experienced legal expert, recently assumed his role as Senior Vice President for crisis management at WE Communications. In this new role, he oversees nationwide crises and reports directly to Hannah Peters.

Ryan’s vast legal knowledge will help him manage complex situations across various firms in the country. His role primarily involves handling urgent matters requiring strategic actions and immediate attention.

In a recent meeting, Ryan expressed his enthusiasm for his new role and his belief in intertwining corporate reputation and brand purpose. He further emphasized the significance of strategic communication in realizing the full potential of these two key factors.

As an extension of his strategy, Ryan intends to expand the team’s capacity and core skills for better crises management across WE’s operations.

Aidan Ryan’s new crisis management role at WE

Part of his plan includes enhancing coordination and communication channels for a more efficient response.

Ryan aims to instigate regular dialogues with WE’s experts in corporate reputation and brand purpose. He believes in maintaining continuous discussions with WE’s authority figures about company reputation and brand purpose, involving key clients to identify required adaptions.

Before joining WE, Ryan harnessed his crisis and litigation communication skills at Goldberg Segalla where he gained significant experience. Though Ryan’s past post at Edelman remains vacant, his exploit has prepared him well for his new role.

Aidan Ryan officially assumed his new role at WE on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The entire team enthusiastically welcomed him. Under Ryan’s guidance, WE Communications anticipates an era of growth and transformation.

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