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AI enhancing public relations and business growth

AI Business Growth
AI Business Growth

AI technology, particularly tools such as ChatGPT, plays a significant role in bolstering a business’s online presence across diverse industries. It’s a powerful asset in public relations, personal branding, and executive roles, enabling efficient marketing campaigns and strengthening customer relationships, thereby upscaling business growth and revenue.

PR specialist and bestseller author Lucy Werner integrates AI technology to enhance PR operations by identifying submission opportunities. Instead of issuing generic press releases, Werner suggests crafting custom narratives that resonate with audiences. AI can also aid in deciphering the media outlet’s preferences, thereby facilitating targeted content submission that could be more successful than traditional techniques.

Werner emphasizes the cruciality of cultivating personalized narratives. This approach creates deeper connections with the audience, fostering heightened brand awareness and recall. She also recommends using AI to generate a detailed guide for guest article submissions based on analyses of past publications from magazines and newspapers.

Moreover, Werner utilizes ChatGPT directives to amass a directory of global newspapers and magazines for guest articles.

AI’s role in advancing public relations

As a result, she created an editors’ directory with over 70 members, considerably improving the visibility of her Hype Yourself membership and workshop. AI technology has transformed her platform into an essential resource hub for aspiring writers and journalists, promoting inclusivity and encouraging original ideas worldwide.

Werner also highlighted the importance of connecting with seasoned journalists for media outlets that don’t accept opinion pieces. This can be achieved through ChatGPT directives tailored to engage the appropriate editor or journalist and create personalized pitches. Combining the narratives with original data or industry-specific studies can enhance the chances of gaining substantial representation for your content.

Unique insights and exclusive information within your content can captivate readers, as can personalization based on the specific audience of each media outlet. Following up with editors and journalists after sending your pitch can further enhance your media engagement, provided it’s carried out respectfully, considering their time constraints.

Lastly, using ChatGPT directives to craft engaging media pitches can earn a spot on a reporter’s watchlist, providing substantial exposure for a business. The use of such innovative AI tools in the PR landscape can bring about transformative changes, catalyzing more productive and efficient public relations strategies by generating high-quality, coherent, and contextually relevant content and managing crises proactively.

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