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AHA teams up with Merkle

The American Heart Association (AHA) will soon replace at least some of its general market fundraising ap­peals with more targeted efforts, thanks to a new three-year, multimillion dol­lar contract with database marketing agency Merkle.

While the association has been a cli­ent of Merkle’s since 2003, the agency will now be hosting the nonprofit’s core database system, formerly hosted by Experian, in addition to the analytical insight, segmentation and contact optimi­zation for its donor renewal and acquisi­tion plans Merkle had been providing previously.

The new relationship will enable Merkle to craft more targeted cam­paigns, according to Kelly Kennedy, SVP at Merkle. “Within a prospect uni­verse, there are unique audiences such as seniors and baby boomers,” Kennedy said. “Instead of coming up with what creative agencies come up with — three pages of labels to send to a general audi­ence — we can look at the audiences and find out what kind of appeals will appeal to those audiences.”

As an aggregator of compiled data, Merkle will also provide the AHA with data overlays based on key demo­graphic and other data to help the associa­tion gain insight into how differ­ent groups of people respond to different appeals.

“We believe the integration of our relationship with Merkle’s team on strategy, along with its database solution, will enable the necessary analytics and innovation to fuel our future growth,” said Sherry Minton, director of direct response at the American Heart Association, in a statement.

The American Heart Association drops between 60 million and 65 million pieces of acquisition mail annually and has 25 million names in its donor file, making it one of the largest nonprofit groups in the country.

The nonprofit will also begin using MoneyMakerT, the core of Merkle’s enter­prise-wide fundraising database solution. This will provide the asso­ciation with both desktop access and insight into numerous operational and strategic components of donor campaigns.

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