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Agencies push up Dennis list sales

When Worldata took management of the Dennis Publishing file from Lake Group Media in January 2006, the company realized that marketers who would benefit the most from the list of young, active males were not showing interest.

The file contains subscribers to magazines including Maxim, Stuff and Blender, making it a perfect fit for any mailer targeting the male audience, according to Worldata.

“We set up a program to reach out to advertising agencies in a large way,” said Jay Schwedelson, corporate vice president of Worldata, Boca Raton, FL. “List managers focus on the list brokerage community and often times do not pay enough attention to the advertising agencies and the list buying that they do everyday.”

Mr. Schwedelson said that ad agencies buy just as much, if not more, list rental data on behalf of clients as list brokerage firms buy.

“We made a major push to introduce both the postal and e-mail files to these groups to expand out the files’ reach,” he said. “The program is a big success because these agencies are trying to reach this audience and these files have the volume of data that they are looking for.”

Something else in Worldata’s favor was the introduction of the publications’ e-mail files.

“It is very hard to reach a buying group of males from an e-mail file collected in the proper way,” Mr. Schwedelson said. “The Dennis Publishing e-mail files have proved to be a terrific source of data for many marketers.”

One year after launching the campaign, Worldata helped Dennis Publishing increase the file’s revenue by more than 30 percent.

All of the lists have postal and e-mail addresses. The postal masterfile is more than 5 million addresses and the e-mail masterfile is more than 600,000 names. The key audience is young males with discretionary income. Average age is 22 to 38 and the primary interests are consumer electronics and sports.

“These files are among the largest set of names available reaching out to the key buying audience in America,” Mr. Schwedelson said. “These males are just in the process of building their lives and buying all the necessary products. We felt that the story was not being told in the list rental community and we wanted to reach out to allow list buyers to better understand why these files are so unique.”

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