Creative optimization boosts search performance

Using creative optimization strategies for keywords is a sure way to improve the performance of a campaign, according to’s newly released search study.

Overall the study showed that even small tactical changes could generate considerable lifts in search performance.

The research revealed some effective ways to generate more clicks and conversions, allowing marketers to achieve a higher ROI.

The study tested three techniques, each with a different goal.

The first, keyword insertion, is geared to increase click-through rates, with the search words incorporated into a custom link. This technique had a 38 percent click-through rate.

The next technique tested was keyword expansion, which aims to increase the overall volume of consumers clicking on an advertiser’s terms. This technique expands an existing list of keywords that contain more specific information. This technique generated a 15 percent increase in click volume.

The last technique tested was targeted URLs. The goal was to increase conversion activity and targeted URLs did so by 36 percent.

The study was conducted in May and June with advertisers in CPG, retail, education, finance and real estate.

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