Advertising entering ‘adaptive marketing’ era: Forrester report

Changes to technology, media and society at large have led the advertising industry into an “adaptive marketing” era, defined by greater interaction with consumers and initiatives tailored to the individual, according to a March 29 report from Forrester Research.

The era will see marketers create more holistic, consumer-focused strategies, while abandoning push marketing. Companies will also seek to create consumer “experiences” instead of campaigns and change their strategies to reach individuals instead of segmented audiences.

Marketers will also increasingly use consumer interaction and real-time customer insight, according to the report.

The era will replace the “Internet era,” which saw the Web challenge TV for dominance and companies create a rapid onslaught of new digital media.

The study, “The Future of Agency Relationships,” incorporated interviews with executives and senior level members at 25 agencies as well as senior level marketers at 18 companies. Analysts Sean Corcoran, Dave Frankland and Vidya Drego wrote the report.

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