AdTech/Programmatic Company, Winner: Conversant

By automating development of entire digital ad campaigns, Conversant’s Grasshopper helps creative and brand teams increase efficiency and seamlessly deliver personalized experiences across operating systems, browsers and devices.

With just one click, Grasshopper translates digital ad campaign assets into fully formatted interactive ad units. Iterations of asset are sent directly to ad servers as layers of code that are then rendered and delivered on audience demand (within 40 milliseconds).

Conversant reported that on average the tool reduces the hours worked per launch by 391.4% for digital producers/production artists (from 5.7 hours to 1.16 hours) and 98.29% for art directors (from 4.6 hours to 2.32 hours).

“Grasshopper eliminates art departments’ dependency on front-end developers to translate their creative elements into workable code, which affords everyone more time to focus on innovation and revenue generating efforts,” said a Conversant representative.

The company’s website notes that its ads drive 5.1 million purchases daily and an average of 10x incremental return on ad spend.

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