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Adobe Target Premium launches with predictive targeting and analytics capabilities

Back in March, Adobe announced that it would release Adobe Target Premium, an extra-features laden version of its web optimization and audience targeting solution Target. The product was officially launched today, with Adobe specifically touting its predictive targeting capabilities, which would take the guesswork out of figuring out which audience segment should receive what content/web experience.

The new Target Premium has three main features for marketers:

Enhanced automated decisions:

Adobe self-learning algorithm gradually figures out what content is more likely to successfully engage specific audience segments.

Deeper audience targeting:

Target integrates not just with Adobe Analytics, but also third party customer data providers (such as BlueKai) to create a multi-sourced view of a customer, who behavior across multiple digital channels can be centralized to create a master marketing profile for targeting purposes.

Increased mobile capabilities:

The new updates will bring Adobe Target’s capabilities over to mobile, where brand apps and ecommerce sites can be modified for testing and targeting purposes, without affecting the channel’s functionality. This means rules-based and auto­mated behav­ioral tar­get­ing to max­i­mize rel­e­vance and con­ver­sion, per­son­al­ized rec­om­men­da­tions, and tar­geted dis­cov­ery with site search and nav­i­ga­tion inte­gra­tion.

More powerful reporting:

Better quality of reports generated through the integration with Analytics, which will allow even more granular analysis of audience segments.

More intuitive workflows:

The Target interface has been simplified to make it even easier for non-technical marketers to set up tests, automate personalization and optimize the site content.

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