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Adobe Launches In-App Messaging Via iBeacons

Noting that its marketing cloud now handles 2.5 trillion mobile transactions annually, Adobe today launched new data-driven marketing capabilities aimed at improving personalization of mobile messaging. Chief among the features offered by what Adobe calls Intelligent Location Marketing is the ability to serve location-based, in-app messages served via iBeacons.

The indoor positioning technology uses low-powered, low-cost transmitters within retail locations that enable marketers to identify and communicate with smartphones in close proximity to them. While market penetration of iBeacons is still limited, Adobe sees great potential for them in the marketing community. “Currently, 18 percent of marketers are using iBeacons,” says Loni Stark, director of product marketing for Adobe Experience Manager. “But 34 percent of consumers are receiving location-based promotions, and 70 percent of them are open to receiving them.”

Though iBeacon technology works only within the iOS operating system, Adobe notes that 65% of app launches are for iOS and that people engage with iOS apps twice as long as they do with Android apps. Capabilities included in the new Adobe launch:

In-App messages: Marketers will be able to create, manage, and measure personalized messages that are triggered by user behaviors and location data from iBeacons. 

Targeted emails: Tailored emails could be designed for customers based on their visits to retail stores, sports venues, and other locations. 

Mobile search bids: Adobe introduces Mobile Bid Adjustments, a service for placing Google search ads while adjusting bids in real time across mobile devices. 

Mobile app management: Companies will be able to manage, update, and test all their apps easier and faster using a new dashboard and test app. 

Social app management: Marketers will be able to manage and track Twitter, Facebook, and other social media activities on the fly. 

“With Intelligent Location Marketing we are redefining digital marketing,” boasts Adobe VP of Digital Marketing Suresh Vittal.

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