Adobe Experience Manager Gets Smarter

Announced this morning, Adobe is improving workflows and integrations between the creative, marketing, and analytics elements of Adobe Experience Manager, and deploying Adobe Sensei to further automate the distribution of personalized content.

Experience Manager is the digital content management solution within the the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite. It’s the hub for website and mobile content, digital asset management, forms, and user generated content (through the acquisition of Livefyre). It already integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, the creative design platform. Within Experience Manager, users will soon (next month) be able to:

  • Deliver personalized content and layout catering to the real-time needs of individual consumers
  • Intelligently discover image assets within a brand’s library, using Sensei’s (AI) smart tagging capabilities
  • Test and personalize content at scale related to real-time events (store openings, offers)
  • Automatically tailor the way images render across different screens

Also coming in 2018, the ability to access Experience Manager assets natively within Creative Cloud desktop apps, reducing the need to toggle between solutions. In a release, Aseem Chandra, SVP digital experience strategic marketing, said: “Brands must deliver timely, relevant experiences to every single consumer. The new content capabilities amplify marketers’ human creativity and intelligence, offering an unparalleled opportunity to deliver experiences that increase conversion and build loyalty.”

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