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Adidas uses Chirpify to engage customers, acquire data on social channels


Chirpify leverages social channels as the point of conversion for cross-channel campaigns. It invented a special activated hashtag called the #actiontag. Consumers can post to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #actiontags they see anywhere (on TV, billboards, and more) to instantly purchase or sample products, enter a promotion, or access premium content.

Chirpify’s platform also allows clients to create and manage customizable, fully branded, mobile optimized landing pages for #actiontags and other hashtags. Analytics include social profile data, consumer data, and direct revenue from social commerce.

License and per-campaign pricing is available. Individual campaigns often start at about $5,000. Ongoing license fees are based on the number and nature of live #actiontags.

Jeremy Darlow, senior brand and digital marketing manager for Adidas, has been using Chirpify since November 2013.  

How do you use it?
When we work with Chirpify, we come to an agreement on what our custom action hashtags are going to be for a given program. Then we integrate them into our communications. 

So far we have only included action hashtags in Facebook and Twitter. When someone posts or retweets using the action hashtags created for a specific program, they get an automated response from us that allows them to buy something or participate in a related customer engagement program, such as a contest. 

We have not yet taken action hashtags beyond the social space into our other platforms.  

This far, we have not had any issues or problems with functionality. We have weekly status meetings with Chirpify, and we call if we need anything else.

How does it serve your business needs?
It helps us engage customers and capture data. Many kids play in tournaments in early spring, and we want to make sure we provide them with the cleats they want.

We do a lot of “sneaker head drops,” which means we release a product in a limited run so guys who are really in tune with the industry and the brand know about it and can get them first. If they’re not able to get one of those 50 or 100 pairs, they can still engage with us on a post using the action hashtags. Then we have their data and can engage them the next time we have a limited run coming out.

We recently ran a program around the Sweet 16 so we could take part in that conversation. Even though we’re not in the basketball category, there are a lot of engaged football players who want to do something with the Adidas brand during the NCAA Tournament, so we hosted a tournament around our Adizero cleat that includes action hashtags.

It was the most effective customer engagement program we’ve had this year. We gained more than 50,000 new Facebook fans in two weeks through this program. It’s a testament to Chirpify’s tool.

What are the main benefits?
Customer engagement and data acquisition. I’m all about simplicity, which is why I was so attracted to working with Chirpify. It’s as seamless for me as it is for the consumer.

The team at Chirpify is very available, and they’ve been great partners.

What would you like to see improved/added? 
Nothing at this point.

allows clients to sell products through Facebook and Instagram using comments.

Gumroad: allows clients to sell digital products through their website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and email newsletters.

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