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AdECN Consortium forms in Britain

Ten online advertising networks based in Britain have formed The AdECN (UK) Consortium, one of the country’s first online display advertising auction platforms.

The AdECN (UK) Consortium, London, is established in partnership with AdECN Inc., Santa Barbara, CA, which developed the auction exchange technology. The AdECN (UK) Consortium is a neutral partner that lets members buy and sell ad inventory on an automated, neutral exchange.

The new consortium lets ad networks buy and sell inventory at a faster rate, as the online ad market in Britain expands rapidly.

When selling inventory for publishers, members place publishers’ ad spots in the exchange, defining allowable content and often a minimum price. When buying inventory, members specify the amount their advertisers are willing to pay based on a wide range of targeting factors. Bids can be on a cost per thousand, cost per click or cost per acquisition basis.

Auctions among interested parties occur in 12 milliseconds on a single impression basis. Publishers from one ad network may be matched with advertisers from within the same network or from another network. AdECN plays a neutral role in the transaction, collecting only a flat fee for serving as the clearinghouse for all transactions.

This announcement comes about five months after AdECN signed an exclusive agreement with FUHU Ltd., Hong Kong, to provide ad serving technology to Web properties reaching audiences in 20,000 Internet cafes across mainland China.

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