Addressable TV ads drive foot traffic

PlaceIQ and Acxiom-owned LiveRamp today announced results from pilot campaigns which measured the effect of addressable TV ads on foot traffic.

Highly personalized ads for web and mobile devices are by now a familiar feature of the user experience. Addressable TV advertising is the equivalent ability to send commercials to live sets and video-on-demand in specific, targeted households. Estimates suggest that some 40 million households will become reachable this year.

The series of campaigns launched by PlaceIQ, the New York-based location intelligence provider, and LiveRamp, a San Francisco-based marketing data onboarder, were conducted for major retail, automotive and tourism brands. They looked at the effect of addressable TV advertising on real world visitation.

Measured against control groups, and using movement and location data, the campaigns saw an average visitation lift of 70 percent for retail brands, 50 percent for automotive, and 20 percent for retail. There was an average of 46 percent lift across the verticals measured by PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate (PVR) metric, a proprietary foot traffic measurement tool.

“The ability to measure the effect of addressable TV, an already powerful targeting mechanism for home viewership, on foot traffic is a pivotal industry milestone,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder of PlaceIQ. “It provides a definitive answer to whether that TV ad led to a real world interaction.” 

Duncan McCall was featured in The Hub’s “Five Minutes With” series in November, 2015.

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