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Addition of Internet to our campaigns is imperative

Today, direct response television and the Internet are merging. Customers no longer use only one medium to learn about and purchase new products and services. Rather, customers appreciate direct marketers who take a multimedia advertising approach. As such, smart marketers are using the synergy created from the convergence of DRTV and Internet marketing to capture the lion’s share of the marketplace.

Consider the facts

ò Over 50 percent of people surf the Web while watching TV

ò 30 percent to over 90 percent of customers purchase online when offered an 800 number and a Web site in a television ad

ò Over 50 percent of homes now have high-speed broadband connections, so it’s easy to watch DRTV commercials online

The bottom line is, if you’re not using both DRTV and online advertisements to reach customers, you’re missing a huge share of potential revenue. To help successfully integrate your DRTV and online presence, let the following suggestions guide your marketing efforts.

ò Use DRTV spots to drive people online, and make sure each includes a Web site. Use your site to educate customers about the benefits of your product or service. Offer coupons, testimonials from customers and air your DRTV commercial

ò If you’re a Web-only business, use DRTV ads to boost your online presence. Internet retailers that do Web-only advertising need to realize that TV is the biggest mass medium, and DRTV has a proven ability to drive people to the Web and increase a company’s overall sales. So don’t ignore television

ò Buy online keywords that match your DRTV advertising.

Even if you offer a Web site address and an 800 number in your DRTV commercial, people watching TV may not be 100 percent focused, and you need to make it easy for them to find you later. To allow customers to effortlessly locate your Web site, be sure you purchase keywords related to your product and company

Companies that rely solely on one advertising medium are missing the mark. It takes a combination of direct response TV and online advertising to make an impact on today’s consumers.

So leverage your marketing dollars by using the synergy of DRTV and online ads. You will see your bottom line improve.

Peter Koeppel is founder and president of Koeppel Direct, a direct response media buying, marketing, campaign management and creative strategies company. Visit www.koeppeldirect.com.

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