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Adblocking Tools Are Gaining Popularity


According to a report by PageFair and Adobe, adblocking is gaining momentum this year, with the practice rising by 41% since last year.

The report shows that 198 million people currently use adblocking tools, which will cost publishers more than $21.8 billion in lost revenue. That amounts to only 6% of the global Internet population, but their adblocking habits account for 14% of the global ad spend. The report adds that in 2016 it will cost publishers more than $41 billion.

PageFair, whose main business practice is providing products that circumvent adblocking tools, says that adblocking has gone up by 48% since 2014 in the U.S. and 82% in the U.K.

While mobile devices accounted for 38% of all browsing in Q2 2015, PageFair says it served less than 2% of its alternative ads on phones and tablets. The report surmises that as adblocking browser plug-ins and apps begin to pop up on mobile platforms, that number will rise steadily.

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