Ad Unit Gives Early Access to Site Content

Open Source Technology Group, a subsidiary of Open Source proponent VA Software Corp., introduced a new online advertising unit called Slashdot DayPass that lets users see breaking stories on before anybody else.

To gain that privilege, users opt in to view a marketer's interstitial message and get a 30-minute advance peek into Slashdot, a site that offers “news for nerds” through hundreds of thousands of news items, user postings, blogs and reviews on technology software and hardware issues.

Slashdot readers spend heavily on technology, both personally and professionally, according to OSTG, Fremont, CA.

Another integrated marketing program from OSTG is the PowerBar. This program is integrated throughout OSTG's network of sites with the marketer's logo and drop-down menus of content and special offers. These link directly to the marketer's page, where the target audience clicks through to articles, white papers and Webcasts.

Finally, a Sponsor Solutions program is integrated into special sections within an OSTG site, letting vendors showcase custom content and links. Sponsor Solutions users can pick from a range of marketing programs.

“These programs help advertisers in their goals of building awareness, influencing consideration and facilitating adoption of their products and services amongst the high-level IT professional audience that OSTG delivers on a monthly basis,” said Valerie Williamson, OSTG vice president of marketing.

OSTG's network of tech-focused sites includes,,,,, and The company also owns, a retailer of tech products, and the MediaBuilder network, which includes online image content provider

All told, OSTG claims to deliver 290 million page views and about 19 million unique visitors monthly to its network of sites., for instance, recently surpassed 1 million registered users and 100,000 projects posted on the site.

IBM Corp. is running a Sponsor Solutions campaign on for solutions to Linux migration. The Armonk, NY, company is deploying that same tactic on

Hewlett-Packard Co. has Sponsor Solutions packages on, and The Palo Alto, CA, firm is promoting its Linux Reference Architectures product and is also doing a pre- and post-study on the program's impact.

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