Ad Platform for Wearables Debuts

Claiming to be the first-ever mobile and wearable advertising platform for fitness and health brands, FitAd was launched this week by Clear Channel digital marketing alumnus Mort Greenberg. The new business promises delivery of targeted ads to some 50 million users of mobile apps and sites.

“There are more than 40,000 health and fitness apps,and we have 500 we want to do business with,” says Greenberg, whose company has licensed technology from AdMarvel to serve mobile ads. While FitAd will serve ads to wearable watches, it doesn’t intend to serve them on bands such as Fitbits.

“We see the number one wearable device as your phone,” Greenberg says. “If we want people to open apps, we can’t do a Fitbit.”

The company is now preparing to serve ads to Sony and Samsung Android watches, a trick that depends on coding that’s slightly different from that used to serve smartphones. “We’re at the beginning stages of determining what the creative should be,” he says. “Should it carry images or just be a scrolling piece of text?”

FitAd will make its official debut in the Fitness & Technology segment of the Consumer Electronics Show in the first week of January.

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