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Ad Blocking Serious Business, Bigger In APAC than North America

A recent study from PageFair, which provides ad technology that can circumvent blockers, has reinforced just how pervasive the mobile ad blocking universe.

More than 20% of the 1.9 billion global mobile phone users have installed some form of ad blocker on their mobile devices. Ad blocking is very popular in emerging APAC markets and less so, currently, in Europe and North America.

Key Takeaways

Ad blocking is biggest in APAC

Mobile browser ad-blocking is most popular

Hypothesis that ad blocking is not as prevalent in North America because of cheaper data plans

The report details the various ways users can block ads from ISP-level blocking to in-app providers like AdBlock and AdShaker to browser blocking, like offered as either default or opt-in through Apple’s Safari, Opera and Firefox.

PageFair found 45 different ad blocking browsers, which is currently the most popular form of ad blocking. And, underscoring the dominant role of APAC in ad blocking, four of the top five ad-blocking browsers are made by Alibaba for the APAC audience.

For much more, see the report here.

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