Acxiom Unveils CRM Tool

Acxiom Corp., Conway, AR, has introduced a solution for retail banking clients that will consolidate and distribute account, customer and household data from disparate sources across a company using corporate intranets.

The Solvitur Customer Information Management System will be available June 1. CIMS will integrate browser technology from Information Advantage, query capabilities from Sedona Software and server configurations from Compaq.

Greg Bjorndahl, marketing leader for financial services, said CIMS solves the dilemma of banks that have a wealth of information but lack the means to build a data warehouse to organize the information and a communications system to distribute it to a call center representative or a salesperson.

CIMS is not the first industry-specific use of Solvitur but marks the first time the solution will be prepackaged with Acxiom InfoBase data. Bjorndahl said InfoBase and customer data can be appended and updated using an intranet. CIMS browser technology will personalize access to that data based on the person in the company who is viewing it. In addition to the top 200 to 500 banks, CIMS will also be marketed to specialty financial, mutual fund and brokerage companies. The system will cost about $100,000 for the mid-size institutions Acxiom is targeting.

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