Acxiom Segmentation Tool Allows Pre-Emptive Marketing

NEW ORLEANS — Acxiom added pre-emptive marketing capabilities to its Personicx LifeChanges household segmentation system.

Acxiom will demonstrate this new offering it calls Trend View here at the Direct Marketing Association's 87th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Personicx places each U.S. household into one of 70 segments, or clusters, based on behavior and demographic characteristics. LifeChanges tracks the migration of households from one life-stage cluster to another by using Acxiom's InfoBase List prospect file, which consists of households whose life-stage segment assignment recently changed.

Based on evaluation of multi-year data, Acxiom has identified likely patterns of life changes for clusters within its Personicx segments, said Tiffany Weatherly, product leader at Acxiom Corp., Little Rock, AR.

“The concept of pre-emptive marketing means understanding where consumers are coming from and going to in terms of life changes,” she said. “We have clearly identified handfuls of clusters that feed into and go out of key segments, and the tool shows where Personicx clusters tend to come from and go to.”

Trend View lets marketers begin a dialogue with prospects before and as they move into their target market. Events such as marriage, a home purchase, birth of a child or preparation for retirement likely will result in a cluster change. Acxiom research estimates 30 million to 35 million household Personicx cluster migrations occur annually.

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