Acxiom releases MarketEdge-X

Today marked the formal launch of Acxiom’s marketing database solution, MarketEdge-X. MarketEdge-X is meant to offer midsize businesses customer data insight and provide the information, segmentation and analysis a company needs for customer acquisition, retention and expansion.

“[MarketEdge-X] is an integrated multichannel marketing platform and it consists of marketing tools for analytics, campaign management, e-mail marketing, and reporting,” says Steve Merritt, client executive unit leader of MarketEdge-X.

Acxiom has been modifying MarketEdge-X since it was made available to a small segment of companies last year under the name Acxiom Customer Information Center-X. One of the eight companies to use the initial version of the database solution is midsize life insurance agency Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts (SBLI), and so far, results and feedback have been positive.

“We have built with Acxiom a database with all of our existing customers, 8 million prospect names and responders,” says VP/director of marketing for SBLI, Rose Cahill.  “[MarketEdge-X] now gives me the opportunity to slice and dice and do really deep segmentation of our customer files. We’ve never had that capability before.”

Cahill noted that staying in touch with a large customer base has been a challenge for SBLI in the past.  “We actually did very little with our current customers because it wasn’t easy for us to access the data and we really didn’t know much about them,” he said.

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